Message from the CEO

As an entrepreneur with a keen interest in international trade, specifically in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry, I have always been driven to seek out new business opportunities, solve problems, and fulfill the needs of companies and factories. Given the existing opportunities and unique capacities for petrochemical and polymeric chemical materials in the Middle East, along with the significant demand from various industries and companies for such materials, I made the decision to have an active and continuous presence in this field, leveraging the large and special mines in my country With the assistance of experienced and seasoned entrepreneurs and traders, we took the initial steps to form a group and, with the help of skilled and capable specialists, effectively and appropriately meet the needs of international companies worldwide. We rely on the experiences and skills of our employees and the extensive communication network that has been established in the past.  We constantly strive to provide a different experience of collaboration to our customers by promptly and appropriately responding to their ever-changing needs and demands in the international trade environment, which is constantly evolving and diverse. The satisfaction and trust of our esteemed customers have always been our strengths and essential elements in our professional journey.