Frequently Asked Questions

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In the first step, you should send your official request along with the customer information form to one of our email addresses, such as or , and our sales experts will respond to you as soon as possible.
You can also contact us for purchasing consultation through phone or WhatsApp message at +989201251808

The only product we manufacture is caustic soda micro flake, which is sourced from arvand petrochemical company as its raw material and produced with a purity 99%, free form any impurity, heavy metal with high solubility in Accor-dance with international standards.

We have long-term contractual collaborations with numerous mineral and chemical manufacturing plants, as well as partnerships with petrochemical, oil and gas, petroleum and polymer complexes.

Depending on the type of product and transportation method, we can offer various packaging option:
For high-volume shipments of chemical and petrochemical materials, we offer specialized bulk shipping by sea vessels
For smaller dimensions, we provide packaging suitable for container and land transportation:
Depending on the nature of the liquid chemical and customer’s request (PE drum, Steel/metal drum, IBC tank, Flexi, Iso tank) packaging is used.
polymer, mineral, and fertilizer products are packaged in 25kg, 50kg bags, and 1-ton jumbo bags.

If a long-term contract is established and depending on the type of product, the destination country, and the requested quantity, provided there are no legal restrictions on that particular product. however, it may incur additional costs.
To receive a more accurate answer to this question, please raise your request with our expert.

The products we suggest in our list are those that are reliably and consistently supplied by our team with high availability.
If the product you need is not listed, we Can still be of great help in finding the required product. With our local access, and experienced experts, we can serve as your partner in locating the desired product.

Generally, for all destinations, our offers are based on the incoterms 2022 and the delivery terms of FOB (Free on Board), CPT (Carriage paid to), CIP (Carriage and insurance), CFR (Cost and Freight).
And in countries such as Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Thailand, Turkey and Iraq, Germany, considering the available facilities and office presence, deliver options such as DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) and DAP (Delivered at Place) are available.

In general, we can provide various commercial documents including: proforma invoice, packing list, payment receipt, customs Export declaration, Commercial Invoice, certificate of origin, Certificate of analysis, Insurance policy, CMR, bill of loading, Inspection Certificate.
If you have any specific document in mind. Please inform our expert.

To address this question, we briefly outline a few General company policies aimed at alleviating this concern:
1.always providing clear and transparent information and utilizing secure payment methods to strive to be a reliable business partner to you.
2.Referring to our loyal customers: if desired, you can inquire with our customers about their purchasing experience with us.
3.Contractual agreements under the supervision of chamber of commerce in each country.
4. being accessible, maintaining continuous communication, and providing ongoing support.
5.offering necessary guarantees in exchange for payment.
6.The option to utilize inspection companies during the process of carrying out customer order
7.Delivery of goods at the destination with favorable payment conditions.

Given that our company has collaboration and exclusive production contracts with various petrochemical companies and numerous factories, the answer to this question is related to several factors, in general, we can mention a few of them:
• The type of product
• The production capacity of the manufacturer’s factory
• The scale of the order
• The supply and demand
• The delivery location
• The shipping mode
• And etc.
Our sales experts will provide accurate answers to all of these matters at the time of placing the order.

Yes, absolutely. The cost of procuring the product is with us, and respectfully, the cost of shipping is the responsibility of our valued customer.

Our working hours are from 8:00 AM to 17:00 on weekdays (Saturday to Wednesday) and from 8:00 AM to 12:30 on Thursday, Friday is the weekend in Iran.
We are always online and available to answer on this WhatsApp number: +98 920 125 18 08

Depending on the type of product, order quantity, and the destination country, it is possible to use road transportation, container shipping, and bulk vessels for delivery.

For specific orders, yes, the option of payment via LC (Letter of credit) is available.

Considering the conditions, product, country of the payer, and order volume, there are various payment methods that can be considered, including:
1. Cash payment: Payment in cash, either domestically or internationally.
2. Bank transfer: Payment through domestic or international bank transfers.
3. Established exchange offices: Utilizing reputable currency exchange offices for payment transactions.
4. Introduced third-party entities: Using trusted intermediaries for payment facilitation.
5. Barter trade: Exchange of goods instead of monetary transactions, particularly if the product is suitable for the Iranian market.
6.Sight LC
Please note that the availability and suitability of these payment methods may vary depending on specific circumstances and the regulatory framework in place.

1.Before placing an order, please discuss with our sales representative about any item that is important to you for analysis.
2.attach your approved analysis during the time of placing the order so that technical experts can provide more accurate responses.
3.utilize inspection company reports and ensure compliance with the agreed analysis before loading
4.Request a product sample.
Considering the importance of the matter, it is recommended to ensure the final satisfaction of the acceptable quality. Before proceeding with high volumes of orders, it is possible to start with a minimum order quantity of the desired product, which is usually 25tons, as a trial.