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All our products are proudly manufactured by top producers and affiliated petrochemical companies in collaboration with ETETCO...

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Sales Process

  • 1. Receiving collaboration initiation requests via email or registering them in the ETETCO system.
  • 2. Initial evaluation of the applicant company.
  • 3. Upon approval of the applicant, allocation and provision of a code to the customer.
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Pillars which have created our company

International supplier of chemical, Petrochemical and polymer raw materials

Expertise Transparency Excellence Truthfulness Cooperation

What distinguishes us from others?
  • Signing collaboration contracts with more than 20 giant and well-known petrochemical companies in the Middle East
  • Running international offices to maintain better accessibility and expand commercial connections
  • Offering the capability to supply products in high volumes
  • Offering competitive prices due to the high volume of purchases from producers
  • Introducing flexibility in cargo delivery methods according to customers’ preferences
  • Introducing flexibility in payment options

Frequently Asked Questions

In the first step, you should send your official request along with the customer information form to one of our email addresses, such as or , and our sales experts will respond to you as soon as possible.

You can also contact us for purchasing consultation through phone or WhatsApp message at +989201251808

The only product we manufacture is caustic soda micro flake, which is sourced from arvand petrochemical company as its raw material and produced with a purity 99%, free form any impurity, heavy metal with high solubility in Accor-dance with international standards.

We have long-term contractual collaborations with numerous mineral and chemical manufacturing plants, as well as partnerships with petrochemical, oil and gas, petroleum and polymer complexes

Depending on the type of product and transportation method, we can offer various packaging option:

For high-volume shipments of chemical and petrochemical materials, we offer specialized bulk shipping by sea vessels

For smaller dimensions, we provide packaging suitable for container and land transportation:

Depending on the nature of the liquid chemical and customer’s request (PE drum, Steel/metal drum, IBC tank, Flexi, Iso tank) packaging is used.

polymer, mineral, and fertilizer products are packaged in 25kg, 50kg bags, and 1-ton jumbo bags.

If a long-term contract is established and depending on the type of product, the destination country, and the requested quantity, provided there are no legal restrictions on that particular product. however, it may incur additional costs.

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