Caustic Soda Flake

Hscode: 28151100 Chemical formula: NAOH CAS Nu: 1310-73-2 UN Nu: 1823 Hazard Class: 8 Synonyms: SODIUM HYDROXIDE, Sodium hydrate, Soda lye, White caustic, Soda, Ascarite

Petrochemical: Etetco Factory

Caustic soda flake, also known as sodium hydroxide flake or caustic soda pearl, is a solid, white, crystalline substance with a flake-like appearance. It is an extremely versatile and widely used chemical compound with various applications across different industries. ETETCO produces caustic soda flakes, free from any impurity, heavy metal with high solubility in accordance with international standards.


  • Chemical Formula: NaOH
  • Molecular Weight: 40.00 g/mol
  • Melting Point: 318.4°C (605.1°F)
  • Boiling Point: 1390°C (2534°F)
  • Solubility: Highly soluble in water, and exothermically reacts with water to produce heat

Safety Precautions: Caustic soda flakes are highly caustic and can cause severe chemical burns and eye damage. Proper handling, protective equipment, and adherence to safety guidelines are essential when working with this chemical.

  • Chemical Manufacturing: Caustic soda flakes are a key ingredient in the production of various chemicals, such as sodium salts, detergents, soaps, and bleach.

  • Water Treatment: It is used for water purification and pH regulation in water treatment processes.

  • Alumina Production: In the Bayer process, caustic soda is used to extract alumina from bauxite ore.

  • Pulp and Paper Industry: Caustic soda is used in the pulping process to break down lignin and separate fibers in the production of paper.

  • Textile Industry: It is used for mercerizing cotton and in dyeing processes.

  • Food Processing: Caustic soda is used for cleaning and sanitation in the food industry.

  • Petroleum Industry: It is used in refining processes, such as desulfurization and neutralization of acidic components.

  • Cleaning and Household Products: It is used in various cleaning agents and household products.

Property Test Result Units Normal Range Test Method
Purity as NaOH 99 Wt. % 98min JlSk 1200
Carbonates as Na2C03 0.5> Wt. % 1.0 max JlSk 1200
Chlorides NaC1 0.02> Wt. % 0.06 max ASTM E 291
Sulfates as Na2S04 0.003> Wt. % 0.01 max ASTM E 291
Silicates as Si02 0.003> Wt. % 0.02 max IS 252
Matter insoluble in water 0.03> Wt. % 0.1 max BSI 6075
Irons Fe203 1.0> wt.ppm 20 max ASTM E 291
NaC103 6.6> Wt.ppm 20 max ASTM E 1778


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The packaging of caustic soda is usually available in the following two forms:

25-kg 2 play PP Bag in Jumbo bag

25-Kg 2 Play PP Bag on Pallet

If you have any specific requests regarding the packaging, you can ask the sales experts at ETETCO company.

Loading capacity:

25 tons in 20-foot containers and trailers

Caustic Soda Flake Specification

Caustic Soda Flake MSDS

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