ETETCO Company initiated its activities by exporting chemical materials and petrochemical products. Through the successful experiences gained in the field of exports, it managed to establish itself as a reputable and leading company in the industry. With the goal of expanding international communications, we have established offices outside Iran. Drawing upon the valuable experiences of our specialized managers and relying on our strong history and excellent relationships with major oil, gas, petrochemical, cement, and steel factories, we have achieved remarkable successes in foreign markets despite factors such as sanctions.

While meeting the needs of industrial plants remains a top priority and main objective of our organization, in addition to exporting products, we have also decided to supply and equip the required components in this industry. This decision is supported by the employment of experienced experts and adherence to technical and engineering principles. We have introduced a new field in the areas of consultancy, design, supply and implementation, maintenance, supervision, and support of various industrial automation systems, electrical, and instrumentation. This endeavor aims to provide distinctive services to our employers and customers.

The petrochemical industry holds a significant position in the economic and industrial development of countries, given the increasing importance of petrochemical products. Iran, being one of the richest sources of oil and gas and a major producer of natural gas and hydrocarbon derivatives globally, possesses a tremendous capacity for the development of the petrochemical industry.

The company is engaged in four units of activity, as follows:
1. Design, consulting, and engineering services.
2. Inspection, maintenance, and repair of industrial equipment and precision instruments.
3. Supply and import of industrial equipment, components, and precision instruments.
4. Manufacturing and production of industrial, laboratory, and research equipment and components.

Representation of Brands
We have the capability, access, and necessary expertise for excellent sales and distribution of products in our target market. With the support of our established capabilities and capacities, we are constantly striving and interested in acquiring more representations from renowned international brands to expand our product portfolio for our customers.

To communicate with the Procurement Department, please contact us at the following email address: