Some global ranking of Iran

Iran’s prominent oil reserves: Ranked fourth Globally

Iran is internationally recognized for its significant oil reserves. According to updated statistics as of September 2021, Iran ranks fourth globally, indicating that its oil reserves amount to approximately 155 billion barrels.

Significant Natural Gas Reserves: Iran Ranks Second Worldwide 

Iran is also renowned for its vast natural gas reserves. In the global ranking, Iran holds the second position, with an estimated of nearly 1,227 trillion cubic feet of natural gas

Metallic Element reserves in Iran: Lead and reserves and Iran’s position compared to the world

Iran possesses over 220 million metric tons of proven lead and zinc reserves. With approximately 11milion metric tons of lead and 5milion metric tons of zinc, Iran holds less than 5% of the world’s metallic element reserves.

Mining extraction in Iran is still under development, but the country ranks among the most significant mineral producers globally. It is among the 15 countries with rich mineral reserves. Iran is home to more than 68 types of minerals and, in 2014, had 37 billion metric tons of proven serves and over 57 billion metric tons of potential reserves valued at 770$billion.The most important mines in Iran include coal, metallic minerals, sand and gravel, chemical minerals and salt.

Major mineral reserves under development in Iran include:

Lead mines (the world’s largest)

Copper mines (the world’s ninth-largest reserves in 2011)

Iron Mines (the world’s tenth-largest reserves)

Lead mines (the world’s eleventh-largest reserves)

Iran, with approximately 1% world’s population, holds more than 7%of the world’s total mineral reserves and Close to 30 percent of the country’s investment has been made in the mining field in recent years.

IN 2019, Iran ranked in various categories of mineral production worldwide:

Gypsum:2nd largest producer globally

Molybdenum: 8th largest producer globally

Antimony:8th largest producer globally

Iran ore:11th largest producer globally

Sulfur: 18th largest producer globally

Salt:21 largest producer worldwide:

Uranim:13th largest producer globally (in 2018)