Sodium Sulfide

Hscode: 28301010 Chemical formula: Na2S CAS Nu: 1313-82-2 UN Nu: 1385 (anhydrous) 1849 (hydrate) Hazard Class: 4/2 Synonyms: Disodium sulfide

Sodium sulfide (Na2S) is a chemical compound composed of sodium (Na) and sulfide (S). It is commonly

found as a yellow or colorless solid and has a strong odor of rotten eggs due to the release of hydrogen

sulfide gas upon contact with moisture or acids. Sodium sulfide is highly soluble in water and is an

important reagent in various industries.

  • 1. Chemical Manufacturing: Sodium sulfide is utilized as a precursor in the production of other chemicals. It serves as a reducing agent and a source of sulfide ions in various reactions. It is involved in the synthesis of dyes, rubber chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides.

  • 2. Leather Industry: Sodium sulfide is extensively used in the leather tanning process. It aids in the removal of hair and feathers from animal hides and skins, making them suitable for further processing and converting them into leather.

  • 3. Mining: Sodium sulfide finds application in the mining industry as a flotation agent. It helps in separating different minerals from their ores by selectively binding to specific minerals and facilitating their separation from the rest of the ore.

  • 4. Water Treatment: In wastewater treatment, sodium sulfide is used to remove heavy metals such as copper, zinc, and lead. It forms insoluble precipitates with these metals, aiding in their removal from water sources.

  • 5. Chemical Analysis: Sodium sulfide is employed as a chemical reagent in various analytical methods, particularly in qualitative analysis. It helps in the identification and separation of certain metals and metal ions.

  • 6. Textile Industry: Sodium sulfide is used in the textile industry for dyeing and printing fabrics. It aids in the fixation of dyes on fibers and enhances color fastness. Please note that the uses and applications of sodium sulfide mentioned above are not exhaustive, and there may be other specific applications in different industries or research fields

Test Item Result
Na2S 60 + -2%
Na2SO3   Less Than 2% wt.
Na2SO3  Less Than 0.5% wt.
Fe  Less Than 10 ppm
Insoluble  Less Than 15 ppm
Density 1600 kg/m³
Melting Point 90 c
Color yellow

25KG bag

1MT Jumbo bag

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