Sodium Sulfate

Hscode: 28331900 Chemical formula: Na2SO4 CAS Nu: 7757-82-6 UN Nu: NA Hazard Class: 5 Synonyms: Thenardite ؛ disodium sulfate, Sulfate of sodium, Sodium sulphate, sulfate of soda

Sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) is a white, crystalline compound that is commonly used in various industries and applications.

  • 1. Detergents and Cleaning Products: Sodium sulfate is used as a filler and a viscosity regulator in the production of powdered detergents and cleaning products. It helps in controlling the density and flow properties of the products.

  • 2. Textile Industry: In the textile industry, sodium sulfate is used in the dyeing process. It assists in enhancing the absorption of dyes by the fibers, improving color uniformity and fastness.

  • 3. Pulp and Paper Industry: Sodium sulfate is utilized in the production of paper and cardboard. It helps in breaking down wood fibers and reducing the formation of foam during the pulping process.

  • 4. Glass Manufacturing: Sodium sulfate is added to glass formulations to lower the melting point of the mixture and improve the workability of the glass. It also aids in the removal of air bubbles and enhances the clarity of the glass.

  • 5. Chemical Manufacturing: Sodium sulfate is a versatile compound used as a raw material or reagent in various chemical processes. It is involved in the production of sodium sulfide, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, and other chemicals.

  • 6. Food Additive: Sodium sulfate is used as a food additive in some processed foods. It may act as a texturizer, stabilizer, or anti-caking agent in certain food products

  • 7. Pharmaceutical Applications: Sodium sulfate has limited applications in the pharmaceutical industry. It is sometimes used as a laxative or in oral solutions for gastrointestinal procedures.

  • 8. Water Treatment: Sodium sulfate is employed in water treatment processes, particularly in the removal of specific ions and contaminants from water sources.

Sodium sulphate as Na2So4 (PCT) Min 99.7 99 2832 Standard Clause 2_6
Acidity (H2So4) or Alkaline (Na2So4) (PCT) max 0.002 0.01 2832 Standard Clause 3_6
Water insoluble (PCT)Max 0.009 0.1 2832 Standard Clause 4_6
Chloride as Nacl (PCT) 0.26 0.3 2832 Standard Clause 5_6
Iron as Fe (PPM) Max 0.9 50 2832 Standard Clause 6_6
Total Ca++ & Mg++ as Caco3 (PCT) Max 0.9 0.15 2832 Standard Clause 7_6
PH of 5% solution 6.99 5_8 2832 Standard Clause 8_6
Moisture (at 110°c) (PCT) Max 0.04 0.25 2832 Standard Clause 9_6

Particle size (Glass Grade)

Retained on 14 Mesh sieve (1410 Micron) 0.08%

Retained on 40 Mesh sieve (420 Micron) 0.01%

Retained on 100 Mesh sieve (150 Micron) 63.9%

Retained on 200 Mesh sieve (75 Micron) 27.1%

Retained on pan (less than 50 micron) 190 micron

Whiteness as CIE 94.5%

Particle size (Detergent Grade)

Retained on pan (less than 50 Micron sieve) Max 5%

Passed through on (less than 150 Micron sieve) Max 23%

Average grain size (D50) Min 220 Micron

Whiteness as CIE 94.5%

It should be noted that: according to the customer order above mentioned sized & methods should be changeable

50kg bag

50kg bag on pallet or in jumbo

1MT Jumbo bag

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