Silica Quartz

Hscode: 25051000 Chemical formula: SiO2 CAS Nu: 14808-60-7 UN Nu: Not classified Hazard Class: Not dangerous goods Synonyms: crystal,lechatelierite,tridymite,flint,vitreous silica,silicon oxide,quartz,quartz glass

Silica (Quartz)
The second most common element in the earth’s crust is silica, which is never found in its natural state and is alloyed with a number of different metals. Silica, SiO2, has a crystalline form called quartz, which is found in a variety of rocks and is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust. Silica is produced in different types and qualities. The higher the quality of silica, the more durable the products. There is a type of silica called lumped silica, which is used in some industries to produce various products. Fewer companies produce and supply lump silica, but in the meantime, ETETCO Company is ready to provide this type of silica in any capacity required by the customer.
Also, quartz stone is one of the most famous, abundant and widespread minerals on the surface of the earth and it is available in all parts of the world and is formed at all temperatures. This mineral basically exists in all mineral environments and is the basic and primary component of many rocks.
What is the difference between silica and quartz?
Silica is a special chemical compound, silicon dioxide, with the chemical formula SiO2. Quartz, on the other hand, is a naturally occurring crystalline mineral composed mostly of silica but containing some impurities.

  • In glass making, glazing, chemical industry, ferro-silica, glass wool:

  • In foundry sand, sandblast sand, filtration and refractories:

  • In casting and refractories:

  • Glass and crystal industries:

  • Sand filters for all kinds of pools:

  • Treatment of well water turbidity at the entrance of houses and villas:

  • In sand-lime brick and light brick, cement and light concrete production factories, etc.:

The extractable silica of each mine has different analysis and purities, below is a sample of silica analysis provided by ETETCO Company in general:


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