MD 38504UV

UN Nu: Not regulated/classified Hazard Class: Not regulated/classified Density: 0.936 - 0.940 Application: Rotomolding

Petrochemical: Jam

MDPE made via Spherilene

MD-38504 is a UV stabilized linear medium density polyethylene grade with a narrow molecular weight distribution. It is suitable for rotational molding and some injection molding application such as technical parts and closures. Characteristics include: good impact Strength, excellent external and internal surface finish, and is UV stabilized


Characteristic Properties

Good impact Strength

Density: 0.936 – 0.940


Thermal Antioxidant (Process Stabilizer)
Catalyst neutralizer (acid scavenger, lubricant)
UV Stabilizer

  • Rotomolding:

Resin Properties Unit Typical Value ASTM Method
Melt Index (190°C/ 2.16Kg) g/10 min 4 D1238
Density g/ml 0.938 D1505
Physical properties @
Flexural Modulus MPa 650 D790
Tensile Strength at yield MPa 15 D638
Tensile Strength at break % 800 D638
Charpy Unnotched impact Strength KJ/m2 25 D256
Vicat Softening Temperature °C 115 D1525
Durometer Hardness Shore D 60 D2240
@ on compression moulded specimen obtained according to ASTM D 1928°C

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