MD 3510

Density: 0.933 - 0.936 Application: tapes and pipes Heavy duty film applications FSS packaging films

Petrochemical: Jam

MDPE made via Spherilene

MD-3510 is a medium density polyethylene resin (MDPE), 1-butene copolymer, obtained by gas phase technology process. This grade designed for the production of drip irrigation tapes, pipes andmono or coex film applications. In this grade excellentextrusion properties combined with good mechanical properties. MD-3510 can be blended with different PE grades to modify the final properties of the products.

MDPE: MD-3510

Characteristic Properties

Excellent extrusion properties
Good mechanical properties

Density: 0.933 – 0.936


Thermal Antioxidant (Process Stabilizer)
Catalyst neutralizer (acid scavenger, lubricant)
Anti UV


  • tapes and pipes:

  • Heavy duty film applications:

  • FSS packaging films:

Resin Properties Unit Typical Value Test Method
Melt Index (190 °C / 2.16Kg) g/10 min 0.4 D1238
Density g/cm3 0.935 D1505
Thermal properties @
Vicat Softening Point °C 120 D1525
Melting Point °C 130 D3418
Mechanical Properties @
Flexural modulus MPa 640 D790
Tensile Strength at Yield MPa 18 D638
Tensile Strength at Break MPa 27 D638
Tensile Elongation at Break % >800 D638
Notched Izod Impact @ 23 °C j/m 700 D256/A
Hardness Shore D 61 D2240
ESCR hr >1000 1693
Oncompression molded according to ASTM D1928C

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