Mfi: 0.922 - 0.925 Application: Lamination films Agricultural Films and Tapes Shrink Film, Industrial Films Frozen Food Packaging

Petrochemical: Jam

LLDPE made via Spherilene

LL-235F7 is a linear low-density polyethylene resin (LLDPE) obtained by gas phase technology process. This grade is suitable for the production of lamination, agricultural, shrink and general films. LL-235F7 combined good processability and melt strength with excellent mechanical properties, high sealability, good hot tack force and superior optical properties. This grade approved for food contact applications.

Density: 0.922 – 0.925

Characteristic Properties

High sealability, superior optical properties


Thermal Antioxidant (Process Stabilizer)
Catalyst neutralizer (acid scavenger)

  • Lamination films:

  • Agricultural Films and Tapes:

  • Shrink Film, Industrial Films:

  • Frozen Food Packaging:

Resin Properties Unit Typical Value Test Method
Melt Index (190°C/ 2.16Kg) g/10 min 0.7 D1238
Density g/cm3 0.922 D1505
Thermal properties @
Flexural modulus °C 107 D1525
Notched Izod impact at 23°C °C 126 D3418
Mechanical Properties @
Flexural modulus MPa 385 D790
Tensile Strength at Yield MPa 17/14 (MD/TD) D882
Tensile Strength at Break MPa 52/42 (MD/TD) D882
Tensile Elongation at Break % >700 D882
Elmendorf Tear gr 78/455 (MD/TD) D1922
Hardness Shore D 55 D2240
ESCR hr >1000 1693
Oncompression molded according to ASTM D1928C

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