LL 0640 KJ

MFR: 4 Density: 0.929 Application: High quality cast films such as display packaging, non cling layer for stretch film.

C4-LLDPE-Cast Film(Innovene license)

Petrochemical: Shazand arak

LL0640AA & LL0640KJ are linear low density polyethylene copolymers containing butene-1 as a co-monomer.

LL0640AA & LL0640KJ have the following advantages:
− High melt flow rate for high output cast extrusion.
− Excellent combination of strengths and stiffness.
− High gloss and clarity.

If corona treatment is necessary, the level should normally be in the range 38-48 mN/m.

Melt temperature range in the cast process are normally 220oC-260oC and in lean blends for blown film are 160oC-215oC.

LL0640AA & LL0640KJ should be stored in the dry condition below the 50oC and avoided from the exposure of direct sunlight.

* LL0640AA & LL0640KJ are suitable for food contact.




  • LL0640AA & LL0640KJ have been specially designed for the production of high quality cast films, such as display packaging, bubble film and non cling layer for stretch film.:

C4-LLDPE-Cast Film(Innovene license)
Typical properties Test method (DIN) Unit Value
MFI@190°C, 2.16 kg D1238 gr/10min 4
Density D2839 gr/ml 0.929
Tensile Strength@Yield, MD/TD D638 Mpa 12/12
Elongation@Break, MD/TD D638 % 600/810
Tensile Strength@Break, MD/TD D638 Mpa 33/25
Haze D1003 % 2
Gloss (45°) D2457 Rating 87
Values shown are averages & are not to be considered as product specifications
* 40 microns, Film Cast at 75 m/min,240°C MD=Machine Direction, TD=Transverse Direction

LL 0640 KJ

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