CAS Nu: 9002-88-4 UN Nu: Not regulated/classified Hazard Class: Not regulated/classified Mfi: 0.85 (190 °C/2.16 Kg) Density: 921 Application: Packaging Film, Thin packaging films and bags , Thin shrink films

Processing Method : Film blowing

products market : Packaging industry


Petrochemical: Arya Sasol

LFI 2185A is a high molecular weight, low density polyethylene, with good toughness and good biaxial shrink properties. This products contains a high level of antiblock and a medium level of slip agent (Erucamide) additives. This grade offers low energy consumption, good melt strength and good drawdown ability during processing. It typically exhibits low friction and low blocking. LFI 2185A has been manufactured under SABTEC licensed technology.

  • Packaging Film:

  • Thin packaging films and bags:

  • thin shrink films:

ASPC Film Grade Portfolio


Certificate of conformity_LFI_2185 A

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