HDPE 7000F

MFR: 0.04 Density: 0.956 Application: Film, Light-Duty Films

Petrochemical: Ilam, Mehr

High Density Polyethylene Data Sheet (HDPE)

Product Name: 7000F (Film Grade)

Grade: Extrusion

Characteristics and Uses:

Excellent mechanical strength and high stiffness excellent process ability (at high speed) Tissue-like film, garment/grocery/merchandise bags, disposal waste bags, counter bags, grocery sacks, trash bags, etc.

  • Recommend film thickness at 10-25 micron:

  • High tensile strength with good dart impact strength:

  • Low gel content:

  • Good moisture barrier:

  • Food contact applicable (Complies with U.S FDA 21 CFR 177.1520):

  • Good impact resistance and processability:

  • Shopping bag and T-shirt bag:

  • Garbage bag:

  • Liner bag:

  • Enhanced ultra thin film:

  • High stiffness:

  • Wide service Temperature range, UV resistance:

Typical Physical Properties

Under Mitsui Chemical License





0.27 g/10min ISO 1133 Melt Flow Rate(2.16kg)
949 Kg/m3 ISO 1183 Density
Kg/cm2 ASTM D 638 Tensile Stress at Yield
380 Kg/cm2 ASTM D 638 Tensile Strength at Break
>500 % ASTM D 638 Elongation at Break
>1000 hr ASTM D 1693 Stress Cracking Resistance (80°C)
132 °C ASTM D 3418 Melting Temperature
35 Kg.cm/cm ASTM D 256 Izod Notched (23°C)



25 kg Loose Bag

Big Bag With Specified Weight

Ilam Data sheet

Mehr Data sheet

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