HD 5740 UA

MFR: 4 Density: 0.955 Application: UV resistance for thick components such as large refuse bins and pallets, boxes and dust bins.


Petrochemical: Shazand arak

HD5740UA is an ultra-violet light stabilised high density polyethylene copolymer grade with a narrow molecular weight distribution, specially developed for injection moulding of heavy duty articles.
High rigidity.
High impact resistance, especially at low temperatures.
Good weathering resistance.

  • Large dustbins & pails.:

  • Pallet boxes.:

  • Fish crates.:

  • Technical parts.:

  • HD5740UA is suitable for food contact.:

HD5740UA (Injection Moulding)
Typical properties  Test method (ASTM) Unit Value
MFI@190°C, 2.16 kg  D1238 gr/10min 4
Density D1505 gr/cm3 0.957
Tensile Strength@Yield D638 Mpa 27
Tensile Modulus  D638 Mpa
Elongation @Break  D638 % 1000
Flexural Modulus  D790 Mpa 1100
Hardness Shore D  D2240 —- 66
Charpy Impact Resistance (Notch) D256 Kj/m2 10
Values shown are averages & are not to be considered as products specifications.

HD 5740 UA Datasheet

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