Chemical formula: C24-H38-O4 CAS Nu: 117-81-7 Hazard Class: T,F Synonyms: Bisoflex 81, Bisoflex DOP, DEHP Density: 0/985 g/cm3

Petrochemical: Farabi

This product has partial electrical properties, heat and freezing resistance, low volatility, and its softening performance is better than DOP and is suitable for polyvinyl chloride resins.

Description of the DOP Unit Process

DOP stands for Di octyl phthalate, which is a transparent, oily liquid and an insulator against electrical flow. The DOP unit operation is batch-wise, taking place in ten stages. This unit has two reactors with a production capacity of 50 tons per batch. The nominal capacity of the DOP unit is 50,000 tons per year.

The materials used in the production of DOP are as follows:

  1. Raw Materials a. Diethylhexanol b. Liquid phthalic anhydride
  2. Catalyst: Para-toluenesulfonic acid
  3. Light Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3)
  4. Mitsubishi Phthalic Acid (MPA)
  5. Magnesium Silicate (Q-Agent)
  6. Filter Aid
  7. Cold Water (Water Boiler Cooling)
  8. Hot Water
  9. Steam

Applications of Di octyl phthalate: Its uses include artificial leather industries, cable manufacturing, shoes, paint production, hose manufacturing, toys, granulation, air filters, ball-making, glass sealing tape, and more.

  • PVC Plasticization: DOP is extensively used as a plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins, making them more flexible and suitable for a wide range of products.

  • Film & Sheet: Used in the production of flexible films and sheets, which are often utilized for packaging.

  • Consumer Goods: Many products, from shower curtains to footwear, contain DOP as a plasticizer.

  • Adhesives and Sealants: Some formulations use DOP to enhance their flexibility.

  • Printing Inks: DOP can be found in some printing inks, providing flexibility to the printed film.

  • Coatings: Some coatings use DOP to achieve desired flexibility.

  • Personal Care: While its use has decreased due to health concerns, DOP was previously found in some cosmetics, especially nail polishes, to provide flexibility and spreadability.

Item SPECIFICATION Test Method result
Appearance Clear oily liquid ISIRI2115 OK
Color Max 50 APHA ISIRI2115
ASTM D1209
Refractive Index (25 C) 1.482-1.488 ISIRI 2115 1.484
Specific Gravity D20 0.983-0.989 ISIRI 2115
ASTM D 1298
Water Content % Max 0.1 ISIRI 2115
Volume Resistance ( 30 °C) Min 1.0*10″ ohm-cm ISIRI 2115 0.5* 10″
Acidity (KOH mg/g) Max 0.05 ISIRI 2115
ASTM D1045
Volatility (%) (125 °c 3hr) Max 0.15 ISIRI 2115 0.12
Acidity after heating Max 0.3 ISIRI 2115
ASTM D1045
Ester value 284-290 ISIRI 2115
ASTM D 1045
Temp, (0 c) 25

Dioctyl Phthalate MSDS


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