Calcium Chloride

Hscode: 28272000 Chemical formula: CaCl2 CAS Nu: 10043-52-4 UN Nu: NA Hazard Class: NA Synonyms: Neutral calcium chloride

Calcium chloride is a chemical compound with the formula CaCl2. It is a white, crystalline solid that is highly soluble in water. Calcium chloride is commonly used for a variety of purposes due to its hygroscopic nature and ability to absorb moisture from the air.

  • Deicing and anti-icing: Calcium chloride is widely used as a deicing agent to remove ice And snow from roads, sidewalks, and other surfaces. It lowers the freezing point of water, helping to melt ice and prevent further ice formation.

  • Desiccant: Due to its moisture-absorbing properties, calcium chloride is used as a desiccant to control humidity and prevent moisture damage in various environments, such as storage areas, shipping containers, and industrial processes.

  • Food additive: Calcium chloride is classified as a food additive (E509) and is used in the food industry for various purposes. It can enhance the firmness of fruits and vegetables, act as a coagulant in cheese making, and improve the texture of canned vegetables.

  • Water treatment: Calcium chloride is employed in water treatment processes to adjust water hardness and control pH levels. It can help prevent the formation of scale in pipes and equipment.

  • Concrete setting accelerator: In construction, calcium chloride is used as a concrete setting accelerator. It accelerates the curing process, reducing the setting time and increasing the strength of concrete.

  • Medicine and healthcare: Calcium chloride can be used in medical treatments to replenish calcium levels in the body. It may be administered intravenously to treat certain calcium deficiencies or to stabilize the heart's electrical activity. These are just a few of the many applications of calcium chloride. It is a versatile compound with various uses across different industries.

  • The difference in calcium chloride concentrations, such as 94-96% and 80% and them respective application: Calcium chloride with a concentration of 94-96% is considered a high-purity grade. It means that it contains a higher percentage of calcium chloride in comparison to impurities or other compounds. This high purity makes it suitable for applications that require precise control over the concentration and chemical composition, such as laboratory experiments, industrial processes, or specific medical treatments. On the other hand, calcium chloride with an 80% concentration is slightly less pure. It contains a lower percentage of calcium chloride and may have a higher content of impurities or water. This grade is commonly used in various applications where the precise concentration is not critical or where the impurities do not significantly affect the desired outcome. For example, it can be used for deicing roads, controlling dust, or in certain industrial processes where the concentration requirement is not as stringent. In summary, the different concentrations of calcium chloride are chosen based on the specific application requirements, where higher purity grades are preferred when precise control over concentration and chemical composition are necessary, while lower purity grades can be used in applications where the specific concentration is not crucial.


Calcium Chloride 94-96%Technical Date Sheet   This analysis in one the samples

Test Name Unit Accepting Limit Test Result Test Method
Purity of calcium chloride (CaCl2) % w/w Min 94 95.97 INSO 18195 Clause 4-1
Ca (OH)2 Relative to active substance CaCl2 % w/w Max 0.2 0.03 INSO 18195 Clause 4-3
Fluoride % w/w Max 0.004 0.002 ISIRI 13571 Clause 6-5
Total Alkaline as NaCl Relative to active Substance CaCl2 % w/w Max6 2.39 INSO 18195 Clause 4-2-7
Total Magnesium as MgCl2 Relative to active substance CaCl2 % w/w Max 0.5 0.04 INSO 18195 Clause 4-2-4
Ph 4.5-9.5 9.1 ISIRI 13571 Clause 3-4

Calcium Chloride 80%Technical Date Sheet   This analysis in one the samples

Properties Unit Required Result
Purity % By weight 77MIN 80
Insoluble solid % By weight 4max 0.7
Moisture % By weight 5max 3
PH P.H 7min 7
Sieve Analysis      
Percentage of remaining on Astm sieve NO. 4/8 % By weight NL .
Percentage of Remaining on Astm. Sieve No.40 % By weight 85MIN 85
Specific Gravity of 280 Grs sampl.IN 350 ml Fresh water P.C. F 83.5MIN 83.5
Settlement of 280 Grs samp.350 ml of Fresh water % By vol 1MAX 0.8
Appearance Color white white


Option 1: 25 × 1000kg (2-ply pp.) Jumbo →25MT IN each Truck or 20ft container

Option 2: 40 ×25kg 2-ply. pp. Bags to inside Jumbo Bags IN each trick or 20ft container

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