BD 24250 AA

MFR: 25 Density: 0.926 Application: Housewares, boxes and closures.


Petrochemical: Shazand arak

BD24250AA is a linear low density polyethylene copolymer containing butene-1 as a co-monomer.

The superior stress crack resistance makes it particularly good for caps and closures.

* BD24250AA is suitable for food contact.

  • BD24250AA is suitable for high flow injection moulding applications such as house wares, boxes and closures.:

Typical properties Test method (DIN) Unit Value
MFI@190°C, 2.16 kg D1238 gr/10min 25
Density D2839 gr/ml 0.924
Felexural Modulus D790 Mpa 390
Notched Izod Impact@23°C D256 J/m 25
Tensile Strength@Yield D638 Mpa 13
Elongation@Break D638 % 150
Values shown are averages & are not to be considered as product specifications

BD 24250 AA

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