Hscode: 39012090 MFR: 0.22 Density: 0.957 Application: Leading PE-100 for pressure pipes for all purposes for gas, water and sewage transportation (black grade).

EXTRUSION- PIPE(Basell licensee)

Petrochemical: Shazand arak

AM CRP 100 B by Shazand Petrochemical complex is a black high density polyethylene (HDPE) grade. Designed for pipe extrusion method. AM CRP 100 B is recommended for leading PE-100 for pressure pipes for all purposes for gas, water and sewage transportation. Complies with Basell licensee.

  • ARMCRP100B are high molecular weight high density polyethylene copolymers, developed as general purpose resin for use in pressure and non-pressure pipes. A minimum service life of 50 years is achievable under appropriate pressure and temperature conditions. ARMCRP100B offer excellent chemical resistance and environmental stress crack resistance.:

  • ARMCRP100B will provide excellent resistance to effects of ultra violet light exposure in outdoor applications.:

  • ARMCRP100B are suitable for use in transport of a wide range of fluids for industrial, rural and mining applications.:

  • Suitability for use in any application should be determined by appropriate performance testing.:

  • ARMCRP100B are suitable for food contact.:

ARMCRP100B (Pipe Grade)
Typical properties Test method  Unit Value
MFI@190°C, 5.0Kg ASTM 1238 gr/10min 0.22
MFI@190°C, 21.6Kg ASTM 1238 gr/10min 6.2
FRR(21.6/5.0) —— —– 28
Mass Density(23OC) ISO 1183-1 gr/cm3 0. 957
Bulk Density ASTM D D1829 gr/cm3 0.605
Carbon Black Content ASTM D 4218 % 2.3
Carbon Black  Dispersion BS-2782 Rating max 3
Impact Strength(charpy  Index@23cº) ISO 179/1eA mj/mm² >20
Hydrostatic Strength (80°C/5.5MPa) ISO 11677 hr >165
Volatiles Basel Method ppm 349
Contamination Hoechst  Method Rating 2
Vicat Softening Temperature, ( B50) ASTM D D1525 °C 75
Oxidation Induction Time, (210 °C) ASTM D 3895 min >25
DSC Melting Point —– °C 130
Shore Hardness, (Shore D, 3 sec) ASTM D 2240 —– 63
Values shown are typical  which  are not to be considered as products specifications.

ARM CRP 100 B Datasheet

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